About Us

Zaga and Dragi, owners of Tambaridge Bed and Breakfast

Christmas in July 2001 was our first visit to Tamborine Mountain.

The serenity of the landscape, fresh air and surrounding nature reminded us of our birth town PIRAVA in country Macedonia. The lush greenery and mountainous feel also took us back to our time lived in New Zealand. We spent our last 20 years working and preparing to one day find ourselves in this serene place.

The opportunity jumped in front of us when we visited the beautiful property Ken and Robert have built and established over the last 20 years.

From our birth place in Macedonia to many years lived in New Zealand, they both have one thing in common with Mount Tamborine – unspoilt natural surroundings, which we enjoy so much.

It is our pleasure to continue offering guests a place to retreat and share our experience